Dominika C.

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Shoe Size: 8 US edit
Birthplace: Czech Republic edit
Birth Date: 1985-10-07 edit
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Member since 04/2020
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛14
2021-03-19 16:10:12
The texture of her pus#sy is luscious. Those heels are really a style to love, the color is so demure.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 07/2015
2021-02-07 01:13:39
Let's take a deep breath!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 12/2015
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛15
2019-06-18 02:27:50
Still the queen of french tips, thick lips and long nips!!!
Member since 10/2019
2021-01-14 19:44:21
Check out Lilly Ford...she definitely matches Dominka in the tick lips and long nips department. But Dominika is hotter.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2019
2021-01-08 13:12:21
Her feet are fantastic. Those little landing strips are kind of dated. Let it grow.
Member since 05/2015
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛13
2021-01-08 15:25:04
naaa bald is best!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2012
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛8
2020-11-14 17:56:37
I’ve heard of turkey neck but not turkey twat lol
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2018
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛59
2020-11-14 23:58:04
Mmm, roast beef sandwich.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2010
2020-12-10 11:28:51
Turkey, Toelvr? Makes me want to gobble, gobble, gobble.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛13
2020-08-27 00:32:59
I'm putting this in my list of "most beautiful Wikifeet pics of all time" file. However, I can't find the name of the other girl anywhere---any help? Thanks.
Member since 09/2012
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛6
2020-11-01 18:16:51
Cindy Shine
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2015
2020-08-26 23:53:18
She has possibly the best big p*ssy lips ever! So beautiful and well made! If her lips had a size just like feet would be a 10!
Member since 10/2013
2020-04-10 10:59:55
Holy shit that's hot!! Get friggin puss lips could stretch over a fire hydrant!! I don't know how to feel about that....small??
Member since 05/2017
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛4
2020-03-27 16:08:58
who is the black haired other woman on the right?
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Captain Vajankle
Member since 05/2015
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛7
2020-03-27 16:17:09
google reverse image seach <-it's your fiend use it! it says "Tess Lyndon".
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2018
2020-03-27 10:17:03
best wonderfull soles and feet ❀❀
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 02/2011
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛1
2019-11-20 18:34:53
Her feet are nice, but definitely not the main attraction.
Member since 03/2011
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)
2020-01-10 12:40:14
I'm so turned on by her pussy lips! Her feet are awesome too...
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2016
2020-03-16 10:27:09
Very much agree! πŸ˜˜β€πŸ†
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2018
2020-02-07 16:51:03
Member since 09/2019
2020-01-20 21:25:51
πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ”₯what a beauty
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 08/2018
2020-01-09 16:54:57
Wooow, that fishnets are sexy!!
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Ye Olde Doc
Member since 08/2019
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛28
2020-01-09 17:20:46
I got a few of these fishnet socks cheap from an outfit in China just a couple months ago (think they have a warehouse in Cali as the shipping wait was not all that long). Took some shots and video, came out well. Red polished toes really looked good in them
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2018
2019-12-31 05:00:26
totaly in love with thoses perfect feet
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Ye Olde Doc
Member since 08/2019
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛28
2019-12-30 20:02:25
Very pretty girl !!! Never turned down a little roast beef when available myself....
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
eitan bar
Member since 07/2018
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛12
2019-10-11 09:48:12
Member since 01/2011
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2019-03-21 11:23:23
Gorgeous soles/toes! Nice set of 'mudflaps' also LOL
Member since 10/2013
2019-10-10 21:20:03
Hahaha "mud-flaps" lmao!
Member since 08/2019
2019-09-05 16:06:09
Unmatchable body! Stunning feet and...your lips !?!?!? :-O
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2018
2019-03-22 20:53:19
Most gorgeous soles ever
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
footsiefoot reborn
Member since 03/2015
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted Uploader♛74
2019-03-22 23:37:42
That is high praise!
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